President Spearman Letter

Federal and state courts have repeatedly ruled that stringent voter laws are being passed with minuscule or no evidence of need for them, and more importantly, with the intent or effect of suppressing the voting power of black, brown and poor white communities.  If this General Assembly moves forward with this amendment scheme, the courts and the court of public opinion will find against them once again.

It was wrong in 2013, and it’s still wrong in 2018.  There is no version of a photo ID law that won’t leave voters behind.  We must end once and for all this period in North Carolina of “suppression sessions.”  The people of North Carolina want to participate in an election in 2018 that is about policy that will change our lives, not politics that puts politicians’ schemes to remain in power above the democratic process, what is morally and constitutionally sound, and the sacred rights of the people.

T. Anthony Spearman

North Carolina NAACP President

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